T Minus 24

Note:  This is the first entry written by our new blogger, Max Claycomb, who just finished his sophomore year at Westminster Choir College.  He’ll be sharing news from the 2015 Choral Institute at Oxford


July 5, 2015

It is that time of year again!!!! Students flying out early to see the sights, conductors preparing last minute items before we start, and most of us are still packing! All the while, we are counting down the hours until our flights and the beginning of the 2015 Choral Music Institute at Oxford!!

Everyone continues to post on Facebook about last minute travel items, making sure we all get on the right train and the right plane, and of course when we get the letters from the James Whitbourn, making our entry into the country smooth…hopefully? Meanwhile, we are also hearing from some of our friends in Aberdeen who might come to visit during the trip! I cannot wait to finally step onto the other side of “the pond” as we joke, and begin this trip!!

As a sophomore this last year at Westminster, I still cannot believe the opportunity that I will embark on this next week and a half. If you had told me five years ago that I would become a voice primary, and study at Westminster Choir College, I would have laughed and asked if you actually knew me. I was only a trombone player at the time, from little old Bucks County in Pennsylvania, who only sang in private. All of a sudden, I joined my high school choir, and it became one of the best decisions of my life, and I find myself in no time attending Westminster and stumbling upon a choir that has become a family for me. The Westminster Williamson Voices is a family like none other, where we may trust each other, care for each other, support each other, and will share memories and stories with each other for years to come. But back to the important part…Oxford!!!!

All of the new members of the Williamson Voices have heard since September, “Just wait for Oxford, it will be amazing!” or “This will be one of the best trips of your life!” Now that time has finally come, and we have just one more night until our flight in less than 24 hours. I think about all the stories and amazing times I continue to hear about from the choir’s trips over the last two years as I observed the choir my freshman year constantly, and now being in the choir after my second year at Westminster. The new members hear about the beauty and magic of Compline, or how one must not miss Tea Time. Meanwhile, I just hope there will be enough Starbucks for Dr. Jordan so he does not jump over medians again like on Schola tour!

I keep looking at the clock as I am waiting for tomorrow to come. This time tomorrow, our group flight will be taking off, and the journey will begin!! Tomorrow cannot come soon enough, and everyone eagerly awaits the start of the Institute, where the magic, memories, and music all commence. The ticks and tocks of the clock cannot happen fast enough, and unfortunately I cannot speed up time either! For now, I should probably finish packing and get some sleep, as I am sure tomorrow will be filled with excitement and energy!
T Minus 24, Oxford here we come!!!


About choralmusicinstitute

Presented by Westminster Choir College of Rider University and Oxford University's St. Stephen's House, the one-week institute provides instruction to all levels of conductors.
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  1. stgeorgemusic says:

    Good Luck and happy singing!

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